RoundUp - transform passive listeners into active participants.

Now you can really mean business when you want to facilitate discussion, commitment and participation at your next meeting with your employees or your clients. RoundUp helps you to develop better understanding when you deliver your message, to achieve consensus in important questions, or quite simply to find out what your target group thinks about certain issues; information that is important to your business. Invite your target group in to a dynamic, interactive dialog and you will see the difference.

With RoundUp's help it's easy to stimulate discussion around the ideas presented at your meeting or conference. By giving your participants a chance to ask the questions that they've been wanting answers for, you increase your target group's interest and involvement in the meeting's agenda. The responses you get in return often contain valuable information about your participants that can be very useful in your business.

Engage your target group by offering relevant questions during interesting interactive workshops where your participants feel that they can really express their ideas. By offering them the chance to take part in a ranking process of, for example; the 5 best answers to a particular question, by voting and seeing the results immediately, you give them the possibility to feel really involved in the workshop.

An appealing feature of an active dialogue is that, in addition to it being a broadening and educational experience, it is also fun to participate in it. RoundUp's functions are developed to stimulate to the max dialogue between all those attending your meeting or conference.

When you plan your next event, RoundUp can be employed in different ways; either as one or more quick segments at some point during the meeting or even as a completely integrated, integral component of all the conference activities. We are always ready to help you, with our expertise and experience, to plan your next important meeting.

Feel free to contact us so that we can show you all the ways that RoundUp has to enhance your next meeting so that you will finally understand what we mean when we say that "Roundup transforms passive audiences into active participants"